Inherently Traditional

British Manufacturing

With a deep sense of respect for traditional craftsmanship and the utmost importance of “Best of British” the company has developed partnerships with local artisans who fit in with this mindset. The cornerstone of the Paula L. Wilson brand is the development of these strong relationships and this is especially true with their 9th generation family run mill, located in the heart of the English countryside. It is here that the Escorial yarn and silk are brought to life in the form of a distinguished jacquard weave, that reflects the strong manufacturing heritage that continues to exist within Britain today.


Once this process is complete and the fabric is woven and finished, it is transported to the production studio where it is handcrafted into sublime, exclusive pieces.

Paula L. Wilson are keen to safeguard the level of skill, effort and time that goes into every aspect of the design and production – from the gathering and processing of the yarn, right down to the hand finish of the hems that demands such a high level of detail.


I firmly believe the British manufacturing industry is ready for a resurgence and can easily compete globally on skill and beautifully made luxury products, so we are hugely excited to be working with our British Mill and Manufacturers on this endeavour”. Paula.