Our Fabric


The distinctive suppleness and fluidity of our fabric is what really sets us apart, every piece in the collection is handcrafted in Britain using our signature hounds tooth fabric, which is formed from blending Escorial and silk in our UK based 9th generation family owed mill.

This blend gives the fabric an elegant sheen and strength to the overall feel and finish. Produced in the two captivating yet subtle colourways of Caviar and Champagne that represent elegance, versatility and flexibility which form the distinctive style that the brand represents.

The Escorial


Escorial is a rare and luxurious wool from a small sheep, originating from the Spanish Royal flocks of El Escorial, today only to be found in small numbers in Australia and New Zealand.

Beautifully curated and monitored by the Radford family who have written the recipe of how best to grow and handle this curly fibre. The Escorial difference is in the heart of the fibre performing as a naturally coiled spring and these flexible characteristics create a fabric that is incomparable in drape and resilience with a distinctive soft handle.

The Silk


We have taken our signature fabric and where appropriate lined our garments with only the highest quality silks obtained from Britain’s leading silk specialists with over 150 years of family ownership and steeped in the great tradition of craftsmanship and service.